12 Ways Love Is Different Before And After Divorce

May 14th, 2015 Relationships Abby King 3 min read

After 16 years I found myself single again having experienced only one mature relationship. I hoisted my big girl pants up and reluctantly put myself back out into the dating world. One day I went on a non-date and decided, to my shock, that I wished it were a date. My non-date then asked me on a real date, which I thought was another non-date….


10 Things Moms Really Want For Mothers Day

May 9th, 2015 Parenting Abby King 1 min read

An entire bicker free day. She took your book? He changed the channel mid show? Too bad. Zip it. Sleep. Real sleep as in sleeping until you naturally wake up and then going back to sleep for two more hours. Wine. Good wine, wine that doesn’t come in a box, wine we don’t normally buy for ourselves. A week off from making dinner. A week…


Talking Transgender With My Tween

Apr 27th, 2015 Parenting Abby King 3 min read

Bruce Jenner won the gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, making him one of the greatest athletes in the world. I was 2 years old. I never knew Bruce Jenner the athlete, I never knew Bruce Jenner of “Wheaties” box fame. My experience with Bruce Jenner has been through mainstream media over the past decade. The Bruce Jenner I…


Dear Son And Daughter

Apr 24th, 2015 Divorce Abby King 1 min read

Dear Son and Daughter, Consider this a fair warning, do NOT try and manipulate your father and me. Yes we are divorced and we don’t always see eye to eye. But, we work together when it comes to you and we will not let you try and use our differences to your advantage. Here is a little secret, your father and I go to counseling…

Did He Cheat 2

Did He Cheat?

Apr 14th, 2015 Divorce Abby King 2 min read

“Did he have a girlfriend? Was he cheating?” These are usually the first questions asked when news of a divorce spreads. It was the very first thing someone very close to me asked when told my ex and I had separated. It seems simple. Married + Cheating = Divorce. I am divorced and have many friends who have also gone through it. Some of us…


What I Want My Kids To Know- Part 4

Apr 7th, 2015 Parenting Abby King 2 min read

I sometimes wonder about the ways in which I am screwing you up. How I do screw you up won’t be in the ways I think it will be. That scares and intrigues me. Don’t get too hung up on traffic and weather. Always keep supplies in your car in case of a severe traffic jam. Water, non-perishable snacks and a large lidded jar (Emily)….


Dear Divorce

Mar 24th, 2015 Divorce Abby King 1 min read

Dear Divorce, I can’t believe how hard I tried to avoid you. It’s not my fault I ran in circles looking for another option. The truth is I had heard such horrible stories about you; you know you do have a really bad reputation. I was scared of and embarrassed by you and was hoping you would just go away. We both know how hard…

10 Lies We Tell Ourselves

10 Lies We Tell Ourselves Before We Have Kids

Mar 19th, 2015 Parenting Abby King 2 min read

I’m gonna get them on skis by age 3. Black diamond trails by 5. Actually 11 and 8, bunny hill. They will be bilingual. They barely get English. I’ll take them to all the restaurants we go to so they’ll have a mature palate. No kid food for us. They go to these restaurants and find one thing on the menu that suffices. Suffices after…


How Will My Kids Remember Me?

Mar 9th, 2015 Parenting Abby King 4 min read

What do you remember about someone when they’re gone? What they did, what they said or how they made you feel? What will my kids think of when, hopefully decades from now, I’m gone? Will they think of what we did? Baking, playing Monopoly and never-ending art projects. Will they remember their mom dressed up with them at Halloween, how I loved taking them to…

5 Facts Divorced Parents Need To Expect

5 Facts Divorced Parents Need To Know

Mar 2nd, 2015 Divorce Abby King 2 min read

1. Your kids will keep asking why you got divorced. Decide what you want to say to your kids and stick to it. They will ask at unexpected times in new and interesting ways. They’ll ask one night when they don’t know that you’re really pissed at your ex. This is not the time to vent and spill all. Keep it simple and keep yourself…