I am a freelance writer exploring parenting, divorce, relationships and women’s issues.

Armed with a degree in Communications from the University Of Maryland I moved to New York City and entered the world of fashion and cosmetics. My focus was product development, marketing and copywriting for Jones Apparel Group and L’Oreal.

After a decade in New York, a move to Philadelphia led to time off to be a full-time parent to my 2 kids. It turns out full-time parenting means no time off ever. It’s more like working three full-time jobs around the clock with small, needy people making non-stop demands.

In 2013 I resumed copywriting and started publicly sharing my previously private writing.

I am a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post Women, Divorce and Parenting sections and my work has appeared on Scary Mommy, Club Mid, The Good Men Project, Esme, A Child Grows In Philly and Philly.com. My work has also landed in the pages of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

When I am not writing about parenting I try to fit in some actual parenting. When I am not writing about divorce you can find me dealing with the after-effects of divorce. Usually that includes tense negotiations followed by running, yoga, spinning; baking, enjoying cocktails and placing highly skilled take-out orders. When I am neither parenting nor running, spinning or negotiating, I am navigating new love and giving coupledom another try.

It can be hard to go it alone. Divorce can be scary, dating even scarier and there are always laughs to laugh and tears to shed at the ridiculousness of parenting.

I am living, keeping it real and writing all about it. Join me in conversation.