Dear Divorce,

I can’t believe how hard I tried to avoid you. It’s not my fault I ran in circles looking for another option. The truth is I had heard such horrible stories about you; you know you do have a really bad reputation. I was scared of and embarrassed by you and was hoping you would just go away. We both know how hard I really tried to fight you off. Were you hurt by my kicking and screaming? I guess not too badly because you didn’t go away. You persisted patiently until I finally let you in.

I owe you an apology. Sure, at times you’re an a** kicking, life-altering, impossibly sad, indescribably painful heart breaker; but you are are also generous, offering abundant new opportunities. It would be melodramatic to say you saved my life. It is reasonable to say that you did give me a new life that is undoubtedly richer, fuller and filled with more happiness, depth, peace, love, accomplishment, fun and joy than the life I had been living.

I am not going to lobby hard or push for more people to welcome you into their lives. You’re still no picnic. No easy walk around the block. But, if I come across anyone who is considering hanging with you, I will espouse on your good side.

However, while I can say that I am grateful I finally let you in, met you face to face and made peace with you, we are done. I appreciate our time together but this is the end of the road for us. I will not be looking for another spin with you around the dance floor down the line.

If you get bored and want some hang time, go find Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. They seem to enjoy your company.

Thanks and good luck,
Abby M King