1. I sometimes wonder about the ways in which I am screwing you up.
  2. How I do screw you up won’t be in the ways I think it will be.
  3. That scares and intrigues me.
  4. Don’t get too hung up on traffic and weather.
  5. Always keep supplies in your car in case of a severe traffic jam. Water, non-perishable snacks and a large lidded jar (Emily).
  6. Your body: you will love and you will hate it depending on the day. If it gets you where you need to go, try and be grateful and give yourself a break.
  7. If he doesn’t say “hell yes,” he’s not for you (Emily).
  8. If she doesn’t say “hell yes,” she’s not for you (Ben).
  9. Carry toothpicks on you.
  10. Take care of your tribe.
  11. Call your brother.
  12. Call your sister.
  13. Pick up the phone when I call you.
  14. Get a prenup.
  15. Find people you can trust and let them in. Don’t close yourself off.
  16. Be discerning.
  17. If someone tells you gossip you don’t think you should know, do not tell them anything you don’t want blabbed to other people. A blabber is a blabber.
  18. Open the car door for your lady. Every time. It doesn’t get old.
  19. If you say you will call someone, call them.
  20. Listen to “Do You Know Where You’re Going To?” by Diana Ross.
  21. You can call me anytime to pick you up anywhere and we don’t have to discuss it until the next day.
  22. Teen years are messy for everyone. Some may pull it off better, but everyone has a bumpy ride.
  23. It will be OK, you will be OK.
  24. Do NOT try and play your dad and I against each other.
  25. You could do a lot worse than me.
  26. One day you will tell me you hate me. I know its not true.
  27. Pain, physical and emotional is just information. You won’t die from it. It’s telling you what to pay attention to.
  28. So, pay attention.
  29. Watch Rudy. I dare you not to cry.