Smile And Wave


My daughter recently divorced and I don’t know how to act towards her ex-husband. We had a warm relationship when they were together but after they split I found out that he treated my daughter terribly. We live in the same area and see each other often at my grandkids events. Every time I’m near him I’m tempted to let him have it. Help!


Seal your lips, shut your trap, zip it! Let your daughter handle her divorce and her ex. If you can manage some basic niceties towards your former son in law, great. A hello and a handshake are all that’s needed. If you can’t manage that, simply do your own thing and focus on your grandchildren. Do not give side eye or mumble shady comments under your breath. Parents outrank grandparents, so if you’re the source of stress or discomfort, you might not be welcome at recitals, baseball games or birthday parties going forward. Show up, kiss your grandkids and just smile and wave at their dad. Smile and wave.

To Invite or Not Invite


I’m having a graduation party for my son and I’m not sure if I should invite my former in-laws. In the past, they were invited to our childrens celebrations and the kids loved having their grandparents there. But, that was when my husband and I hosted together. Now we don’t speak and when I see my former father in law, he gives me the cold shoulder. What should I do?

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