Why A Little Sausage Making Does My Relationship Good

Oct 20th, 2015 Relationships Abby King 3 min read

My boyfriend has a habit. He likes to sit on the edge of my bathtub while I get ready for an evening out. He is only 10 minutes from shower to out the door and since I take decidedly longer, why not spend that time catching up? My natural state of being is 80s hair band. At some point in the day I look like…


My Relationship With My Son Is Better BECAUSE I’m Divorced

Oct 14th, 2015 Divorce Abby King 4 min read

There are lots of negatives to divorce but silver linings are there to those who look outside the “what my life should look like” box. Lately I’ve been giving pause to appreciate one silver lining in particular. My relationship with my son. Our relationship is better because I’m divorced. For his first three years I was numero uno, Ben’s main mom, his one and only….


5 Tips To Peaceful Parenting

Oct 10th, 2015 Parenting Abby King 5 min read

As summer gave way to fall, my home turned from tranquil and relaxed to crazy and chaotic. It’s easy to peacefully parent when there is no alarm clock and no pressure to do anything. Is there any way to keep the zen when kids go back to school and afternoons are filled with sports, music lessons, clubs and homework? When every night is a bedtime…

Summer loving

The Only Piece Of Dating Advice You Need

Sep 25th, 2015 Relationships Abby King 5 min read

Berger told Miranda the reason her recent date hasn’t called is that “he’s just not that into you.” Jack Berger and Miranda Hobbs are not my actual friends, but I did spend 30 minutes with them on July 13, 2003, when this phrase was uttered. This phrase that would spawn a subsequent book and movie — while entertaining within the weekly episode of Sex and…


Is There A Good Age For Divorce?

Sep 24th, 2015 Divorce Abby King 3 min read

Have you ever said to your ex, “think we can stick it out till the kids graduate high school?” This weekend my son had a basketball game. My parents, daughter, ex and I sat together and my dad and ex chatted throughout the game. That night when Emily went to bed she said, “I liked seeing daddy sitting with grandma and grandpa. Have they ever…


My Secrets Hide In Plain Sight. In My Hair.

Aug 27th, 2015 Everything Else Abby King 4 min read

For the last 20 years I have gone to the same hair stylist in New York City. He is a calm, quiet, tranquil man of few words. His process is meticulous and time-consuming. He looks at my dry curls. I am washed twice, conditioned and returned to his chair for an hour of precision cutting. My coiled, frizzy hair is dried and then flat-ironed piece…


My 8-Year-Old Turned Me Into A Feminist

Aug 13th, 2015 Parenting Abby King 3 min read

As my 8-year-old daughter threw the football with her father, another unfamiliar father walked by and made mention of her impressive ability. Whether or not he was impressed by her ability because she was a girl wasn’t known for certain, though it was certainly implied. Following this “compliment,” I heard my husband say, “Yeah, she’s got three brothers.” Immediately, I flinched. The implication that Emily’s…

Single or divorced woman alone missing a boyfriend

Dear Friends, Re: My Divorce

Aug 12th, 2015 Divorce Abby King 5 min read

Dear Friends, Some of us have been friends since childhood, some high school or college. For many of us, our friendships began when our first borns were off to school. We got our kids together, enjoyed lunch dates, had girls nights out, book clubs and on Saturday nights we got sitters and with husbands in tow, headed out for food, drinks and if we were…


Holding Onto Family In The Post Divorce World

Jul 13th, 2015 Divorce Abby King 3 min read

Following their official breakup announcement, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were photographed at their vacation home in the Bahamas. People magazine has suggested that postdivorce, they plan to continue living together at their California estate. Is this just another example of crazy celebrities living differently from the rest of us? What is going on? If it’s true, I suspect what’s going on is something that…


My Kids Get The Best Me

Jun 26th, 2015 Parenting Abby King 3 min read

A few months ago a close friend told me that I am not sweet. She also says this about herself so I am therefore not to be offended. Last week my 8-year-old daughter told me that I am sooooo sweet. She is an Ivy League suck up (my daughter, not my friend) but I know she is sincere in this offering. Her compliment left me…