Breaking Up? What Happened?

Apr 11th, 2018 Relationships Abby King 2 min read

Some couples live their relationships out loud paying no mind to the rest of us. They fight in public and replay the highlights to their barista while ordering morning coffee. When they end their union and part ways, only a few ask questions. Only a few are surprised. The rest of us, we keep our downward spirals close to our vests. In better times, venting…


Are Fear of Failure And Embarrassment Keeping You Coupled?

Jan 3rd, 2018 Relationships Abby King 8 min read

My first marriage ended in divorce. I’d like to say we consciously uncoupled but the last few years of our union were filled with tension, lies, betrayal, arguments, name calling and sadness until utterly exhausted I threw my hands up. After two therapists, two years separated and with nothing changing, I called my ex and told him, “I’m going to call a lawyer. Unless you…


When Dating, Take OFF Your Rose Colored Glasses

Oct 25th, 2017 Relationships Abby King 3 min read

One of my girlfriends is in relationship flux. In discussing and breaking down the specifics and looking at how she got where she is, she told me that her man has totally changed and is so different than she thought. There was a time, that in solidarity I would have reinforced the view from which she stands. “Yes, he has totally changed, he is not…


Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Flaws

Apr 24th, 2017 Relationships Abby King 3 min read

Know it all, liar, messy, neat freak, indecisive, needy, homebody, world traveler, party girl, party boy, lazy, hyper organized, cheater, sarcastic, tactless, short tempered, pushover, confrontational, controlling, spendthrift, uber frugal. Imagine if we all wore our flaws where potential mates could see them. A la “The Scarlet Letter,” you would write your top few flaws on sign with a string around your neck and potential…


What People Ask When You’re Getting Married For The Second Time

Apr 21st, 2017 Relationships Abby King 3 min read

My wedding is in a few weeks and trust me, getting married for the second time in my 40s is a lot different than when I did it the first time in my 20s. This time around I experienced a hot flash while trying on wedding dresses, I won’t be wearing a veil, cutting a cake or dancing a first dance. There isn’t a bridal…


Why Sleeping With Your Ex Is A Bad Idea

Apr 27th, 2016 Relationships Abby King 4 min read

After 11 years (5 in marriage) and two children together, Megan Fox filed for divorce from Brian Austin this past August. On separation papers, dated June 6, 2015, she cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. Last week Megan debuted a baby bump at CinemaCon in Las Vegas and has subsequently confirmed her estranged husband is the father to be. I haven’t cared…


Engaged Without An “Engagement Ring.”

Feb 11th, 2016 Relationships Abby King 4 min read

Being engaged for the second time at 41 is very different than the first time in my 20’s. At 25 I wanted a traditional engagement and wedding, following the path laid before me by dozens of friends. As a mature woman, I want what suits my man and me. We haven’t yet had a meet the parents pow-wow, friends haven’t dropped off dozens of bridal…


Why A Little Sausage Making Does My Relationship Good

Oct 20th, 2015 Relationships Abby King 3 min read

My boyfriend has a habit. He likes to sit on the edge of my bathtub while I get ready for an evening out. He is only 10 minutes from shower to out the door and since I take decidedly longer, why not spend that time catching up? My natural state of being is 80s hair band. At some point in the day I look like…

Summer loving

The Only Piece Of Dating Advice You Need

Sep 25th, 2015 Relationships Abby King 5 min read

Berger told Miranda the reason her recent date hasn’t called is that “he’s just not that into you.” Jack Berger and Miranda Hobbs are not my actual friends, but I did spend 30 minutes with them on July 13, 2003, when this phrase was uttered. This phrase that would spawn a subsequent book and movie — while entertaining within the weekly episode of Sex and…

I Do Not Believe In Soul Mates

I Do Not Believe In Soul Mates

Jun 16th, 2015 Relationships Abby King 2 min read

I have heard the term “soul mate” so many times in the past week, it’s dizzying. In articles, on social media, on TV, in magazines and in my daily newspaper. I do not believe in soul mates. Never have. As a tween, teen and young woman I did hope for, dream of, a life-altering love. But one person in the universe meant for me? One…