1. An entire bicker free day. She took your book? He changed the channel mid show? Too bad. Zip it.
  2. Sleep. Real sleep as in sleeping until you naturally wake up and then going back to sleep for two more hours.
  3. Wine. Good wine, wine that doesn’t come in a box, wine we don’t normally buy for ourselves.
  4. A week off from making dinner. A week off from ordering and reheating dinner. Someone else figure it out. All on your own.
  5. A fairy to organize summer activities. Quickly.
  6. That same fairy to go Target and stock up on summer supplies.
  7. A day without hearing: “Mom. Mom look. Mom look. Mom. Mommy. Mooooom.”
  8. Someone to do the cleaning for the day, and not our men pretending to clean. Real cleaning and done the way we like it!
  9. Someone to come tuck us in, sing us a lullaby and leave fresh water by our bed.
  10. Freshly washed and ironed sheets every two days. Like Oprah. Actually we just want to be Oprah. Please??? All roads always lead to Oprah. Sigh…….